Opie’s Arrival (and the saga so far….)

Hi my dear friends!

Well….shame on me!!!!  It has been about two months since I last wrote – as you can imagine, I’ve been BUSY!!

Last time I wrote, I was a couple of days away from getting my new buddy Opie (my very first horse).  I was so full of excitement and anticipation – for my wonderful perfect horse to come down the ramp of the horse trailer and sweep me away blissfully!!  Well…..it hasn’t quite happened that way!

Opie came to me on a Friday.  He was taken out of the horse trailer, and we brought him immediately into his new stall and small paddock.  His paddock is an area of about 30 feet by 100 feet, that is flat and is covered in grass….so, it is actually pretty nice, but a bit small.  OK….the next part I was NOT prepared for!  He started to freak out – was totally out of his mind – was bucking and rearing, and running around like crazy beans – really, he was clearly not in his mind at all.  1021181513lI was participating by standing nearby, in his paddock….but it didn’t take me long to get out of there!  I felt like he was such a dangerous horse, I couldn’t stay with him – I just didn’t feel safe at all.

For the first two days, I didn’t go into his paddock or stall, I was too scared of him.  Then, slowly, I began to get in touch with that little bit of bravery inside me, and I managed to stand inside his paddock.  By this point, he had calmed down a bit too – but was still pretty scary.  

I went to the farm almost every single day, and we began to get used to each other.  I tried to touch him and brush him a little bit – at liberty (no leashes), so that we got comfortable with each other.

My trainer has been completely amazing – she isn’t afraid of anything!  She’s been working with Opie and me intensely since his arrival, and we are making strides every day!  1107181448aI still go to the farm almost every single day and now Opie and I are transforming our relationship….  He has stopped being so scary – he only scares me occasionally, and now I’m much more capable of handling it.  I’m braver, and he is calmer…. 

We’ve worked together, and our love for each other is growing.  I’ve communicated with him many times – which has been fantastic!  He is a very good communicator.  At first, all of his messages were of the hurt and abandonment that he has endured.  He has begged me to never leave him,and has needed to be reassured that we are the new team – it is him an me, and we are going to be together always.  But just last weekend, I connected with him, and his message was different – and SO awesome!  Opie and Janine love affairHe told me that I’d better stop being lazy, I’d better get in shape – because he is ready to have me ride him, and when we ride….he is going to be super athletic!  He told me he is a teenage boy, he is healthy now, and he is ready to ROCK AND ROLL!!!  Ha ha!  It was just so funny!  And, so heartening!  It made me feel that all of the work and bonding we’ve been doing up to now has really made a difference for him!

So, we have fallen in love with each other!  (Don’t you think that it is safe to say that?!). Here is a fun selfie I took while flirting with Opie in his pasture.  I love it because it seems to capture our love for each other.

I’m excited to tell you more – as SO much more is happening in my life!  I can hardly wait to write again!

Love to you all,


STILL searching for a new best friend……

Hi my dear friends!

This blog is simply an expansion of the story you read about last month – when beautiful Sol passed away, came to visit me in spirit, and offered to help me find my new equine best buddy.   So….A LOT has happened since I last sat down to write!

With the advice of my riding instructor, I started looking into various horse websites. I hopped on this one called “dreamhorse” – kind of like Petfinders for horses. One day, I just powered through it and reviewed probably over 100 horses. I pulled out each description of a horse that I thought would be a good fit for me. My plan was to review the finalists the next day.

And….then….Sol came to me again in my sleep. He showed me OVER and OVER and OVER again – the headshot of one of the horses on that website! He was really insistent that I look at this particular horse – and, as you know from last month, Sol had promised me he’d guide me to my new horse – the RIGHT horse for me.

So, the next day, I went back to that website and looked for that exact headshot – AND I FOUND IT!!!

OpieThe funny thing is – I think intuitively that this is the perfect horse for me – but I’m learning something about horse people: I used to train dogs and learned that “the only thing that two dog trainers can agree on is what the third one is doing wrong”!….Well, this is the same for horse people! All of the horse people in my life were negative about this horse – but all of the INTUITIVE people in my life have been really positive about this horse. Also – amazingly – this horse’s registered name is “A Collective Soul”…which I thought was pretty cool, given that SOL the horse sent me in this direction!

Anyway – this has been the hugest lesson in learning to trust myself. And I am embracing the lesson! I met the new horse (whose short name is Opie). When I met him, it was as though I was saying “Oh! So wonderful to see you again!” And….drum roll please…..I put a deposit down on him!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!! The plan is that he will arrive at my local barn in TWO DAYS!!!

So, last weekend, I was just like a little kid – I went to the local feed store and bought a bunch of stuff that I’m going to need for my new (very FIRST) horse! Take a look at the photo – I hope you can see how incredibly much fun I had preparing for my new wonderful horse.preparation for Opie's arrival

Wish me luck! The countdown is ON!

I can hardly wait to share photos next month!

Give your special kiddos hugs and kisses in honor of Opie’s and my adventure ahead!!



Searching for a new best friend….

Do you remember the last time you searched for something important….like a new best friend? My adventures looking into finding a new dog (or new animal of any kind) have always been pretty organic.  I’ve never made a spreadsheet and gotten out my maps, and started a search logically!  I’ve always relied on my gut instinct – the messages from the Universe.  When I’ve met that particular animal….I’ve just KNOWN!Hope's Profile

Well, the same thing happened to me this time around….and I know I keep writing about the same thing – I’m all about the horses these days – they are becoming a powerful part of my life. So much so, that I have actually entertained the idea of buying my first horse!  My wonderful riding teacher has been telling me for months now that she knows this special horse – and she thinks we’d be so perfect for each other!  This is a horse that hasn’t ever really been considered #1.  He needs someone who will dote on him, and hold him in high esteem – and she knows how I am with the animals, so she has mentioned him on many occasions.  His name is Solaris – Sol for short.  So, after many conversations, and a lot of thinking and planning, I arranged to meet him.  The plan was for me to go out to his farm about two weeks ago to meet him….but, he and two other horses busted out of their pasture, and they went for a run.  Apparently Sol fell down.  His owner brought out the chiropractor and a massage therapist, but he wasn’t getting better.  So, the morning I was supposed to meet him – instead of me heading out to his farm, he went to the vet.  And….the decision was to put him down…..

I know he was never “mine”, but I’m so very broken hearted! I had convinced myself that we’d be perfect for each other, and was so-so-so excited about the idea of having him as my new equine-partner / best buddy.  I’m so down now…

Sol’s Spirit came to me that night, and spent hours talking with me. I felt the connection, and so did one of my dogs who is very sensitive to Spirits.  He paced and paced all night – until the horse finally left us in the early morning hours.

Moon's EyeSol told me that he will help me find my first horse – although honestly, I feel like HE was my first horse, and this new one will be my second horse! He also told me to relax, breathe, and enjoy the experience of finding my new friend.  And….he told me to plan!  Ha, ha!  Like I said before – I’ve never found an animal by planning!  This will be my first!  But – of course – I’ll still trust my intuition to help me find my heart-connection.

Wish me luck!….Please say a prayer for beautiful Sol, and help him to pass happily into his own Heaven….and, I’ll tell you more next month about my search for my new Equine buddy!

Lots of love to you, and give your special animals hugs and love!


How I got here…..

My Mother has dementia.

hugging horse with gal in colorful sweaterMy brother and I have been working closely to try to help her through this part of her life. I was on the phone with him last week.  We hadn’t talked in a while so we were catching up, and he mentioned to me that he reads my blog.  He went on to mention that he didn’t really know much about what I talk about in the blog, but was happy to see that I was so happy following my heart.  Then he said that he didn’t know how I got here.  So, I was thinking it’d be fun to write about that – because I’m sure many of you don’t know how I got here either!

If you feel the inclination – you can read the whole story on my website…..but here’s a condensed version for you (and for my brother)!   (Sorry – this blog is a long one!!)

The Beginning….

As a little girl, I had a crazy existence in many ways….. I am the youngest of four, and the only girl. The house was always incredibly vibrant – we all ran around, making noise, with crazy interactions, brothers fighting, me getting in between, loud voices, big-family pandemonium.  While I am incredibly thankful for my  ‘vibrant’ upbringing, it came with its fair set of challenges as well.  It is funny, how simple things like being the only girl in a family might define a person, but that is what ended up happening.  I was the only girl, and the youngest, so throughout my life when I acted differently than the boys (I suspect that all girls will act a little differently than boys)….my Mother always thought something was wrong with me because I was different.

The Animals Who Helped to Defined Me…..

Because I was ‘different’, and because I’ve always been a very sensitive person, I often found solace in the far back corner of our basement, where my family kept our three beautiful Guinea Pigs, in their big wooden ‘house’, with fresh woodchips, and a heat lamp. I spent hours and hours, lying on the floor, with a Guinea Pig sitting on my tummy, warm and wonderful, squeaking quietly….such paradise for me.  My favorite little girl was named Squeakie.  She was an incredibly true friend.shutterstock_521877250.guinea pig

It is important to tell you that my family went to a mountain cabin over the weekends during the winter. We would all pile in our yellow Volvo Station Wagon and head off to the local ski hill, where we would stay from Friday night through Sunday evening.  My family was pretty big (six people total), and we were very careful to close down our house, and turn down the heat to save money every time we left.  One cold winter weekend, my Dad turned down the heat so far that when I came home from the cabin, and ran down to see my beautiful pets – two of the three had frozen to death.  Only my little girl Squeakie was still alive…..holding on to her last strands of life….waiting for me I believe, to come home and hold her.  Squeakie gave me a beautiful gift – she had a most dignified death – she gave me the gift of taking her last breath while I held her close.  I felt her Spirit rise from her body.  This was truly her most wonderful gift.   I believe that this moment was the beginning of the definition of my current self – an animal lover, but more….truly connected to the spirituality of animals, and their innate connection with humans.  This moment was the beginning of my definition of who I have become in this life…

My First Husband….

Summit photo on boardwalkAfter a short time in my first job right out of college, I taped a photo of a friend’s Greater Swiss Mountain Dog onto the bottom of my computer monitor….and there was NO looking back. Within six months I had my new puppy – a 9 week old, 20 pound Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  I named him Summit.  He and I had a love affair like no other.  To this day I still call him “my first husband”, which fortunately, is OK with my human husband!!  Summit was by my side through everything in my single-girl’s life, and he was true-blue.  He taught me about caring about something more than I cared about myself, he showed me how far I’d go to take care of another living being.

Taking My Lessons Further….

Throughout my time with the animals, I’ve searched for a deeper and more spiritual relationship. I’ve discovered several teachers in Animal Communication throughout the years, and taken many classes.   I have found that the animals in our lives are here for a reason – they are here to teach us lessons that are important for our evolution.

My Education Continues….

As I continue to become aware of the Animals’ gifts to us, I have become increasingly drawn to the study of Universal Energy – how we all connect and interact with each other on a Universal Scale – and how each entity’s energy can affect the other’s. This has led me down the path of various forms of Energy Awareness and Healing.

My gift of intuitive communication with the animals has now expanded to intuitive connection with people’s Guides and Angels. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to begin to offer Soul Level Coaching to my clients – truly life affirming and inspirational messages have been coming forward.09810008-small

My goal is to share the gifts of the animals, our Guides, and the Angels. Each one has tremendous wisdom to share with us – each in his or her own way.  The fun part is uncovering it!  Every message is sent to you from a place of Love.  We work together to uncover the messages, so that you may grow.

This is joyous and life affirming. I continue my education from the Animals, Guides, and Angels always.  Each intuitive moment is a gift, and I am thankful.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! I’m looking forward to a new month’s adventures and a new story for you in September!



My First Time…..

Hello my friends! This month, I’ve written my blog in two segments.  I wrote the below for an Intuition group I’m involved it – but the thoughts and words seem perfect for me to share with you now.  Pretend you’re reading this real-time…..and I hope you get a kick out of it!!!

Tuesday morning: I have something exciting that I’m doing today, and I want to share it with you – of all the people in the world, I know you will be excited for me, and I want to share!!  A little history first:  In April of 2017 I went to Danielle Mackinnon’s Equine Facilitated Workshop in Costa Rica (for those of you who don’t know her – she is my Animal Communication teacher).  In order to prepare for this, I started taking lessons….for about 8 months before I went.  I did this because I’ve always been a little bit afraid of horses.  So, after 8 months of lessons, I enjoyed a life-altering week in Costa Rica with Danielle.  I kept taking lessons after I came back, and have recently bumped up my participation with the horses to TWO evenings a week!  And….(drum roll please…..)….tonight – for the very FIRST time ever – I get to ride my horse ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!  This is HUGE for me, and I’m SO excited!!!  I have been working with my horse by myself for a few months now, but it has always been groundwork.  This is the first time I’m riding without anyone supervising!  I’m so exhilarated!  I feel like this is such a big step for me to take – vaulting me into my future with horses (I have big plans!!)  So – please share with me your stories of when you were with your horse for the first time ever….or, share with me supportive words and stories!  I’m so excited, and thrilled to loop you all into my growth here.  Thank you so much!!! IMG_0279

Wednesday morning: Hi Guys!  So, I wanted to circle back with all of you to let you know how HIGH your good-wishes made me fly yesterday at the stables!!!  I went to the stables, grabbed my buddy Teddy, and groomed for a while (I love that part – so meditative!!), put on his tack, and went into the arena.  The first thing we did was walk the length of the arena together to the big loading door at the far end.  It was filled with light, as it was a spectacular blue-bird day yesterday.  There we stood, as we do before every session.  And together we prayed – a prayer of gratitude for each of us, and for both of us together.  (I love that part too, and this is where I snapped the photo of us!)  Then we did a bit of ground work, and then on to the riding!  He was as awesome as he could be – a safe and trustworthy companion for me.  We did everything at a walk (no trotting for my first time alone!)  And it was WONDERFUL!  I’m so excited to continue this and GROW!  Thanks to EVERYONE for all of their great wishes for me yesterday!  I could feel your support and shared excitement for the whole time!  Thank you SO much!  I’m sure there will be more to come from Teddy and me!!

So, if you have any stories – share them with me! I’m loving hearing about people who have bonded with horses and what they think and feel about their partners.  I’d love to hear!!

Love to you all, my friends…and I can’t wait to tell you more!!!



My visit to the Quantum Field….

Oh My GOSH!!!! What a RIDE I’ve been on!!!  I can hardly wait to tell you….but not sure if I CAN tell you!  I think this may be the fodder for many blogs to come!

So, what am I talking about? I’ve just taken a four day wild ride into the Quantum Field, accompanied by a herd of five horses, directed by a knowledgeable teacher named Kathy Pike.  So, how do I even begin?!  Moon's Eye

The conversation is centered on how we exist in the World / in the Universe / in the Quantum Field….we can choose how we exist:

We can exist in the 3-D world: Here we exist in terms of perceptions, comparisons, judgements, conclusions, right and wrong, self-doubt.  Here we are separate, with contracting energy, we are isolated, we are often based in fear.

OR…we can choose to exist (like the horses do), in the Quantum Field, where we are open, we receive, we connect, and we are aware through our senses – ALL of our senses. We can make our own choices here.  The Quantum Field is light, frequency, information, vibration, energy, consciousness.  It is a cloud of information – undefined, random energy.  It is not predictable.

Moon's EarsOne of the other students said it well: we can see the world as a lot of possibilities, or we can see it as a set of perceptions.  We get to choose how we exist – how we participate and create our own existences.

The experiences at this workshop were wonderful….I’m sure I’ll be thinking and writing about them for a long time! We meditated in a beautiful environment – birds chirping, sun shining, breezes blowing, bunnies hoping, and horses holding space for us.  It was quite incredible really – when you went to that beautiful space where we all want to go in meditations, the horses would come close, join you, and the Energy of the horse and the human would mix – like a cloud of energy for each – intermingled.  It was incredibly peaceful and POWERFUL!

I had the opportunity to work with a horse named Moon. (He’s the one in the photos here.)  He encouraged me to lean into and love the fact that I am pursuing Animal Communication.  He was very communicative – and he made me feel very connected.  I didn’t doubt myself in the least, and our communication was true, beautiful, and authentic.  I felt so connected to my teacher Danielle Mackinnon, and felt so thankful for her – she has truly changed my life!  And this communication with Moon took all of my learnings to an entirely new place!  As we stood together – connected through the Quantum Field, I could feel in every sense – our energies intermixed.  His beautiful heart, holding me, and teaching me that indeed, we all are connected – all of the humans, the animals, Nature, the Elements – everything!  I will never forget his beautiful lesson!

This lesson has changed fundamentally what my perception of connection is. As I am moving throughout my days since the workshop, I am learning, and FEELING.  I know I’ll have SO much more to tell you on this as the weeks go by!

If you are interested in learning more about the Quantum Field, you can look into authors like Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Happy Reading!!!




Keeping it personal and meaningful….

I’ve been thinking…..as you all know, I’m playing around with the idea of building a business – but this business is partly my business and partly my self-definition. What I mean by that is I’m still trying to find myself and my passion, and where I can contribute – where there is need, and where I can serve.  Where I’m SUPPOSED to serve.

So, part of this journey is to write a BLOG…..my teacher Danielle has requested that all of her graduates write a blog at least once a month. I think this is do-able, so I’m game for it!  But, now I wonder….what is meaningful?

Jon and Janine
Jon and Janine

I get a million people’s blogs in my in-box every day. Seriously, most of them I don’t remember even three minutes after I’ve read them.  They hardly ever make me think about anything specific or special – they are just words.  I’d like to attempt to avoid writing blogs like that.  Especially for you guys – you are seeing me grow up – seeing me throughout my journey growing into whatever I’m supposed to be (and hopefully growing into that which fills me with joy and love!!)  So, I’m trying to write about things that are meaningful.

And for today – meaningful means the stuff I’m genuinely learning and growing through.

So, on that note – my latest growth has just recently occurred. Danielle offered a 30% off discount for all of her graduates – and it really gave my business a boost!  The most amazing thing was….my self-confidence and intuition in general sky-rocketed with all of the extra practice!  I wasn’t expecting that AT ALL….and it was FANTASTIC!

my boyfriend smiling

Throughout the two weeks of the sale, my intuition grew – I was able to see / hear / and know SO MUCH MORE than ever before! I can hardly wait to do some more readings!!  I was able to see animals as never before, to know what is making people tick like never before, to know how the Heavens were working with each individual and their animals….and, at times I’ve struggled to learn the Soul Lessons that the animals are teaching….and over the past few weeks – the lessons have begun to JUMP out at me!  I’m SO excited I can hardly stand it!!! 

So, I’m feeling like this is a big step in a good direction for me. It is helping me to want to put more energy into Animal Communication, and I’m excited for what that will bring.

Anyway – as always – thanks for sticking with me through another blog! I’ll try to keep them meaningful and personal.  (Hopefully this sticks in your mind for more than three minutes!!) Ha, ha!!

Until next month….



My Journey (so far) with Horses….

Hey guys!

Yesterday I was on a zoom-meeting with several fellow graduates of Danielle Mackinnon’s Animal Communication program. We talk monthly.  It is fun to catch up and to hear how everyone is doing.  We are all trying to build Animal Communication businesses of some sort or another, so it can be really informational.  The call provides support and advice, and it is wonderful.

after the waterfall

The latest thing is that Danielle is doing more workshops in Equine Facilitated Learning in Costa Rica. Last year I went to a workshop in April.  Last night on the call, a former classmate of mine asked me if I was going to go again.  I am not going for a second time – but my first experience at one of these workshops really changed the trajectory of my life.  It is fun to think about it.  I’ll tell you my story here:

Before I even went to Danielle’s workshop last year, I started taking riding lessons. I think I did this because I have been afraid of horses and their bigness and power, so I wanted to make sure I was comfortable around them before I went to the class in Costa Rica with Danielle.  I took lessons for about 8 months, became a little bit more comfortable around horses, and then went to the workshop.

The workshop was absolutely phenomenal. I worked with my horse, but also TALKED WITH my horse.  He taught me one single lesson – which was pretty incredible – all he wanted to talk with me about the entire week was exactly the same thing.  He wanted to talk with me about how my personal energy is interconnected with Universal Energy.  When I keep my energy small, I am not very connected.  When I allow my energy to expand, I automatically become connected to the Universal flow – to your flow, to everyone’s flow, to the flow of the Animals, to the flow of Mother Nature…..we ALL do this – we just need to allow our energies to get to a certain point, a critical mass….

Since my workshop, I have found another teacher. (I personally think it is important for personal growth to have teachers.  Find as many as you want or need to help your growth!)  My new teacher works her particular form of magic through Equine Facilitated Learning.  I wrote about one of her courses with the horses in a previous blog – the one with my trip to Arizona.

Tedd jumping

On top of this, I have elevated my daily horse work. I found a new trainer (for me, not the horses!!!), and I just love working with her.  She is teaching me a form of Natural Horsemanship called Parelli, and I’m LOVING every moment!  I have elevated my participation to twice a week now, and have had the discussion with my husband about expanding that to three days a week.

One day I expect to have my own horses. My journey has been magical so far, and my husband regularly comments on how happy the horses make me.  Each time I work specifically with a horse in a situation where I open myself up to learning – I am never disappointed.  The horses truly have a tremendous capacity to teach humans, and I’m so thankful for the opportunities I’m creating in my life to experience this knowledge!

So, what brings you this kind of joy? Think about it, and rejoice!

Love and whinneys to you!


Will you join my herd??…..

Hey guys!

As you all know, I was in Arizona last month at a conference on Equine Facilitated Learning. It was really fantastic!  There were just over 50 people who were all interested in coaching with horses, rescuing horses, interested in the politics of horses and the American Mustang….horse interests of one kind or another…..


We participated in small break-out sessions several times throughout the day. On the morning of my first day, I participated in a break out session with six other participants.  The topic of our experience was “Hive and Herd Dynamics”.  The exercise was that we were to break up into two smaller groups – one would watch while one participated with the horses.  There were four barrels in the middle of a pasture set out like the four corners of a square.  Our goal was to get one of two horses (at liberty – meaning “no leashes”…) to go through the channel created by the four barrels – the kicker is, we had to do this without touching the horses.

The first group of four people started. They tried waving their arms, pressuring the horse with their movements and energy, breaking apart and pressuring the horse with two people on one side, and two on the other side….  They tried for about 40 minutes, but their horse would simply not go through the barrels.

During this time, my two partners and I spent our time grounding ourselves – moving our attention to our first three chakras and grounding our energy. We were taking slow and steady breaths – really slowing ourselves down.  We discussed how we wanted to try to get the horse through the barrels.  We decided on trying a “pull” technique rather than the “push” technique that the other team had tried.WSR.3

When it was our turn we walked together slowly, towards the horses. We chose our horse, and then with light but calm energy we approached the horse.  We took turns greeting him, having him sniff our hands, stroking him on his face and neck and shoulders.  When he sniffed our hands, we moved in closer, and lightly exhaled on his nose.  We took our time doing this – it was really quite joyous.

We continued until we all felt as though the horse had decided to join our herd. I actually FELT this transition, which was really cool.  When the horse had become one of our herd, we turned slowly, and slowly and deliberately walked through the barrels.  The horse followed us with no problem….and…..the other horse followed too!  Apparently she wanted to be part of our herd as well!

This whole process took less than five minutes – it was really an incredible experience!

I learned that there is a lot of strength and greatness in “pull” energy! I’m trying to recall this regularly as I move through my life – less pushing, more moving through life with confident and calm ‘pull’ energy.

Try this in your own life, and let us all know how you like it!

Love and calm energy to you,


Equine Energy!!

WSR.3Hi again! As usual, here I am….jotting you a note from one of my monthly psychic fairs!  As usual, I’m soaking in the loving energy from my fellow Light-Workers and all of the attendees, having fun with my psychic friends, hanging out, and offering my help to anyone who decides to stop by!

Our Classroom!


So, in previous blog-posts, I’ve alluded to a new direction for myself…..the Universe is helping me move my thoughts and Energy in new directions… I had a most INCREDIBLE experience along these lines, and I’d love to tell you all about it!

I was able to spend 4 days in Arizona at an Equine Facilitated Learning Conference. What this means is that Equine instructors came together to talk to animal-people of all varieties.

Our Teachers!!


They taught us a lot about how horses can be very powerful teachers for humans.  The conference spanned many sub-topics, but all were about Equine teaching in one form or another.  It was truly a phenominal experience for me – on several levels.


I think the most basic level was that the other attendees all thought Animal Communication was a fantastic thing, and all were interested in hearing about it. (You can read that to mean that most people didn’t think I was nuts…..so that was nice!!)

WSR.1Another way the conference made an impression for me is that I was surrounded by truly incredible, powerful animal loving people. Everyone had a Soul that sang out with beauty, and all were living their lives with purpose.  I was so inspired!

I was inspired by the work with the horses. I learned to communicate even better with horses that I have before  – on a very physical level.  I learned that if you want to hang out with a horse, you really should be spending your day in your first, second, and third chakras!  If you are spending time in numbers 4-7, the horses aren’t really interested in you!!  Ha, ha!  I just loved every moment!

Plus, Mother Earth gave us a big gift – sunny days, cooler temperatures, and really crazy plant-life! I just loved it – such beautiful surroundings!

I left there inspired by the animals, the people, and the beauty of Nature. Honestly – there will be much more to come on this topic…..my interests are expanding, as is my Energy and Intention.  Where will this take me?  I’m SO excited to find out!!!

Thanks for sharing another chapter in my adventure!