Searching for a new best friend….

Do you remember the last time you searched for something important….like a new best friend? My adventures looking into finding a new dog (or new animal of any kind) have always been pretty organic.  I’ve never made a spreadsheet and gotten out my maps, and started a search logically!  I’ve always relied on my gut instinct – the messages from the Universe.  When I’ve met that particular animal….I’ve just KNOWN!Hope's Profile

Well, the same thing happened to me this time around….and I know I keep writing about the same thing – I’m all about the horses these days – they are becoming a powerful part of my life. So much so, that I have actually entertained the idea of buying my first horse!  My wonderful riding teacher has been telling me for months now that she knows this special horse – and she thinks we’d be so perfect for each other!  This is a horse that hasn’t ever really been considered #1.  He needs someone who will dote on him, and hold him in high esteem – and she knows how I am with the animals, so she has mentioned him on many occasions.  His name is Solaris – Sol for short.  So, after many conversations, and a lot of thinking and planning, I arranged to meet him.  The plan was for me to go out to his farm about two weeks ago to meet him….but, he and two other horses busted out of their pasture, and they went for a run.  Apparently Sol fell down.  His owner brought out the chiropractor and a massage therapist, but he wasn’t getting better.  So, the morning I was supposed to meet him – instead of me heading out to his farm, he went to the vet.  And….the decision was to put him down…..

I know he was never “mine”, but I’m so very broken hearted! I had convinced myself that we’d be perfect for each other, and was so-so-so excited about the idea of having him as my new equine-partner / best buddy.  I’m so down now…

Sol’s Spirit came to me that night, and spent hours talking with me. I felt the connection, and so did one of my dogs who is very sensitive to Spirits.  He paced and paced all night – until the horse finally left us in the early morning hours.

Moon's EyeSol told me that he will help me find my first horse – although honestly, I feel like HE was my first horse, and this new one will be my second horse! He also told me to relax, breathe, and enjoy the experience of finding my new friend.  And….he told me to plan!  Ha, ha!  Like I said before – I’ve never found an animal by planning!  This will be my first!  But – of course – I’ll still trust my intuition to help me find my heart-connection.

Wish me luck!….Please say a prayer for beautiful Sol, and help him to pass happily into his own Heaven….and, I’ll tell you more next month about my search for my new Equine buddy!

Lots of love to you, and give your special animals hugs and love!


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