How I got here…..

My Mother has dementia.

hugging horse with gal in colorful sweaterMy brother and I have been working closely to try to help her through this part of her life. I was on the phone with him last week.  We hadn’t talked in a while so we were catching up, and he mentioned to me that he reads my blog.  He went on to mention that he didn’t really know much about what I talk about in the blog, but was happy to see that I was so happy following my heart.  Then he said that he didn’t know how I got here.  So, I was thinking it’d be fun to write about that – because I’m sure many of you don’t know how I got here either!

If you feel the inclination – you can read the whole story on my website…..but here’s a condensed version for you (and for my brother)!   (Sorry – this blog is a long one!!)

The Beginning….

As a little girl, I had a crazy existence in many ways….. I am the youngest of four, and the only girl. The house was always incredibly vibrant – we all ran around, making noise, with crazy interactions, brothers fighting, me getting in between, loud voices, big-family pandemonium.  While I am incredibly thankful for my  ‘vibrant’ upbringing, it came with its fair set of challenges as well.  It is funny, how simple things like being the only girl in a family might define a person, but that is what ended up happening.  I was the only girl, and the youngest, so throughout my life when I acted differently than the boys (I suspect that all girls will act a little differently than boys)….my Mother always thought something was wrong with me because I was different.

The Animals Who Helped to Defined Me…..

Because I was ‘different’, and because I’ve always been a very sensitive person, I often found solace in the far back corner of our basement, where my family kept our three beautiful Guinea Pigs, in their big wooden ‘house’, with fresh woodchips, and a heat lamp. I spent hours and hours, lying on the floor, with a Guinea Pig sitting on my tummy, warm and wonderful, squeaking quietly….such paradise for me.  My favorite little girl was named Squeakie.  She was an incredibly true friend.shutterstock_521877250.guinea pig

It is important to tell you that my family went to a mountain cabin over the weekends during the winter. We would all pile in our yellow Volvo Station Wagon and head off to the local ski hill, where we would stay from Friday night through Sunday evening.  My family was pretty big (six people total), and we were very careful to close down our house, and turn down the heat to save money every time we left.  One cold winter weekend, my Dad turned down the heat so far that when I came home from the cabin, and ran down to see my beautiful pets – two of the three had frozen to death.  Only my little girl Squeakie was still alive…..holding on to her last strands of life….waiting for me I believe, to come home and hold her.  Squeakie gave me a beautiful gift – she had a most dignified death – she gave me the gift of taking her last breath while I held her close.  I felt her Spirit rise from her body.  This was truly her most wonderful gift.   I believe that this moment was the beginning of the definition of my current self – an animal lover, but more….truly connected to the spirituality of animals, and their innate connection with humans.  This moment was the beginning of my definition of who I have become in this life…

My First Husband….

Summit photo on boardwalkAfter a short time in my first job right out of college, I taped a photo of a friend’s Greater Swiss Mountain Dog onto the bottom of my computer monitor….and there was NO looking back. Within six months I had my new puppy – a 9 week old, 20 pound Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  I named him Summit.  He and I had a love affair like no other.  To this day I still call him “my first husband”, which fortunately, is OK with my human husband!!  Summit was by my side through everything in my single-girl’s life, and he was true-blue.  He taught me about caring about something more than I cared about myself, he showed me how far I’d go to take care of another living being.

Taking My Lessons Further….

Throughout my time with the animals, I’ve searched for a deeper and more spiritual relationship. I’ve discovered several teachers in Animal Communication throughout the years, and taken many classes.   I have found that the animals in our lives are here for a reason – they are here to teach us lessons that are important for our evolution.

My Education Continues….

As I continue to become aware of the Animals’ gifts to us, I have become increasingly drawn to the study of Universal Energy – how we all connect and interact with each other on a Universal Scale – and how each entity’s energy can affect the other’s. This has led me down the path of various forms of Energy Awareness and Healing.

My gift of intuitive communication with the animals has now expanded to intuitive connection with people’s Guides and Angels. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to begin to offer Soul Level Coaching to my clients – truly life affirming and inspirational messages have been coming forward.09810008-small

My goal is to share the gifts of the animals, our Guides, and the Angels. Each one has tremendous wisdom to share with us – each in his or her own way.  The fun part is uncovering it!  Every message is sent to you from a place of Love.  We work together to uncover the messages, so that you may grow.

This is joyous and life affirming. I continue my education from the Animals, Guides, and Angels always.  Each intuitive moment is a gift, and I am thankful.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! I’m looking forward to a new month’s adventures and a new story for you in September!



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