My First Time…..

Hello my friends! This month, I’ve written my blog in two segments.  I wrote the below for an Intuition group I’m involved it – but the thoughts and words seem perfect for me to share with you now.  Pretend you’re reading this real-time…..and I hope you get a kick out of it!!!

Tuesday morning: I have something exciting that I’m doing today, and I want to share it with you – of all the people in the world, I know you will be excited for me, and I want to share!!  A little history first:  In April of 2017 I went to Danielle Mackinnon’s Equine Facilitated Workshop in Costa Rica (for those of you who don’t know her – she is my Animal Communication teacher).  In order to prepare for this, I started taking lessons….for about 8 months before I went.  I did this because I’ve always been a little bit afraid of horses.  So, after 8 months of lessons, I enjoyed a life-altering week in Costa Rica with Danielle.  I kept taking lessons after I came back, and have recently bumped up my participation with the horses to TWO evenings a week!  And….(drum roll please…..)….tonight – for the very FIRST time ever – I get to ride my horse ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!  This is HUGE for me, and I’m SO excited!!!  I have been working with my horse by myself for a few months now, but it has always been groundwork.  This is the first time I’m riding without anyone supervising!  I’m so exhilarated!  I feel like this is such a big step for me to take – vaulting me into my future with horses (I have big plans!!)  So – please share with me your stories of when you were with your horse for the first time ever….or, share with me supportive words and stories!  I’m so excited, and thrilled to loop you all into my growth here.  Thank you so much!!! IMG_0279

Wednesday morning: Hi Guys!  So, I wanted to circle back with all of you to let you know how HIGH your good-wishes made me fly yesterday at the stables!!!  I went to the stables, grabbed my buddy Teddy, and groomed for a while (I love that part – so meditative!!), put on his tack, and went into the arena.  The first thing we did was walk the length of the arena together to the big loading door at the far end.  It was filled with light, as it was a spectacular blue-bird day yesterday.  There we stood, as we do before every session.  And together we prayed – a prayer of gratitude for each of us, and for both of us together.  (I love that part too, and this is where I snapped the photo of us!)  Then we did a bit of ground work, and then on to the riding!  He was as awesome as he could be – a safe and trustworthy companion for me.  We did everything at a walk (no trotting for my first time alone!)  And it was WONDERFUL!  I’m so excited to continue this and GROW!  Thanks to EVERYONE for all of their great wishes for me yesterday!  I could feel your support and shared excitement for the whole time!  Thank you SO much!  I’m sure there will be more to come from Teddy and me!!

So, if you have any stories – share them with me! I’m loving hearing about people who have bonded with horses and what they think and feel about their partners.  I’d love to hear!!

Love to you all, my friends…and I can’t wait to tell you more!!!



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