My visit to the Quantum Field….

Oh My GOSH!!!! What a RIDE I’ve been on!!!  I can hardly wait to tell you….but not sure if I CAN tell you!  I think this may be the fodder for many blogs to come!

So, what am I talking about? I’ve just taken a four day wild ride into the Quantum Field, accompanied by a herd of five horses, directed by a knowledgeable teacher named Kathy Pike.  So, how do I even begin?!  Moon's Eye

The conversation is centered on how we exist in the World / in the Universe / in the Quantum Field….we can choose how we exist:

We can exist in the 3-D world: Here we exist in terms of perceptions, comparisons, judgements, conclusions, right and wrong, self-doubt.  Here we are separate, with contracting energy, we are isolated, we are often based in fear.

OR…we can choose to exist (like the horses do), in the Quantum Field, where we are open, we receive, we connect, and we are aware through our senses – ALL of our senses. We can make our own choices here.  The Quantum Field is light, frequency, information, vibration, energy, consciousness.  It is a cloud of information – undefined, random energy.  It is not predictable.

Moon's EarsOne of the other students said it well: we can see the world as a lot of possibilities, or we can see it as a set of perceptions.  We get to choose how we exist – how we participate and create our own existences.

The experiences at this workshop were wonderful….I’m sure I’ll be thinking and writing about them for a long time! We meditated in a beautiful environment – birds chirping, sun shining, breezes blowing, bunnies hoping, and horses holding space for us.  It was quite incredible really – when you went to that beautiful space where we all want to go in meditations, the horses would come close, join you, and the Energy of the horse and the human would mix – like a cloud of energy for each – intermingled.  It was incredibly peaceful and POWERFUL!

I had the opportunity to work with a horse named Moon. (He’s the one in the photos here.)  He encouraged me to lean into and love the fact that I am pursuing Animal Communication.  He was very communicative – and he made me feel very connected.  I didn’t doubt myself in the least, and our communication was true, beautiful, and authentic.  I felt so connected to my teacher Danielle Mackinnon, and felt so thankful for her – she has truly changed my life!  And this communication with Moon took all of my learnings to an entirely new place!  As we stood together – connected through the Quantum Field, I could feel in every sense – our energies intermixed.  His beautiful heart, holding me, and teaching me that indeed, we all are connected – all of the humans, the animals, Nature, the Elements – everything!  I will never forget his beautiful lesson!

This lesson has changed fundamentally what my perception of connection is. As I am moving throughout my days since the workshop, I am learning, and FEELING.  I know I’ll have SO much more to tell you on this as the weeks go by!

If you are interested in learning more about the Quantum Field, you can look into authors like Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Happy Reading!!!




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