Keeping it personal and meaningful….

I’ve been thinking… you all know, I’m playing around with the idea of building a business – but this business is partly my business and partly my self-definition. What I mean by that is I’m still trying to find myself and my passion, and where I can contribute – where there is need, and where I can serve.  Where I’m SUPPOSED to serve.

So, part of this journey is to write a BLOG… teacher Danielle has requested that all of her graduates write a blog at least once a month. I think this is do-able, so I’m game for it!  But, now I wonder….what is meaningful?

Jon and Janine
Jon and Janine

I get a million people’s blogs in my in-box every day. Seriously, most of them I don’t remember even three minutes after I’ve read them.  They hardly ever make me think about anything specific or special – they are just words.  I’d like to attempt to avoid writing blogs like that.  Especially for you guys – you are seeing me grow up – seeing me throughout my journey growing into whatever I’m supposed to be (and hopefully growing into that which fills me with joy and love!!)  So, I’m trying to write about things that are meaningful.

And for today – meaningful means the stuff I’m genuinely learning and growing through.

So, on that note – my latest growth has just recently occurred. Danielle offered a 30% off discount for all of her graduates – and it really gave my business a boost!  The most amazing thing was….my self-confidence and intuition in general sky-rocketed with all of the extra practice!  I wasn’t expecting that AT ALL….and it was FANTASTIC!

my boyfriend smiling

Throughout the two weeks of the sale, my intuition grew – I was able to see / hear / and know SO MUCH MORE than ever before! I can hardly wait to do some more readings!!  I was able to see animals as never before, to know what is making people tick like never before, to know how the Heavens were working with each individual and their animals….and, at times I’ve struggled to learn the Soul Lessons that the animals are teaching….and over the past few weeks – the lessons have begun to JUMP out at me!  I’m SO excited I can hardly stand it!!! 

So, I’m feeling like this is a big step in a good direction for me. It is helping me to want to put more energy into Animal Communication, and I’m excited for what that will bring.

Anyway – as always – thanks for sticking with me through another blog! I’ll try to keep them meaningful and personal.  (Hopefully this sticks in your mind for more than three minutes!!) Ha, ha!!

Until next month….



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