My Journey (so far) with Horses….

Hey guys!

Yesterday I was on a zoom-meeting with several fellow graduates of Danielle Mackinnon’s Animal Communication program. We talk monthly.  It is fun to catch up and to hear how everyone is doing.  We are all trying to build Animal Communication businesses of some sort or another, so it can be really informational.  The call provides support and advice, and it is wonderful.

after the waterfall

The latest thing is that Danielle is doing more workshops in Equine Facilitated Learning in Costa Rica. Last year I went to a workshop in April.  Last night on the call, a former classmate of mine asked me if I was going to go again.  I am not going for a second time – but my first experience at one of these workshops really changed the trajectory of my life.  It is fun to think about it.  I’ll tell you my story here:

Before I even went to Danielle’s workshop last year, I started taking riding lessons. I think I did this because I have been afraid of horses and their bigness and power, so I wanted to make sure I was comfortable around them before I went to the class in Costa Rica with Danielle.  I took lessons for about 8 months, became a little bit more comfortable around horses, and then went to the workshop.

The workshop was absolutely phenomenal. I worked with my horse, but also TALKED WITH my horse.  He taught me one single lesson – which was pretty incredible – all he wanted to talk with me about the entire week was exactly the same thing.  He wanted to talk with me about how my personal energy is interconnected with Universal Energy.  When I keep my energy small, I am not very connected.  When I allow my energy to expand, I automatically become connected to the Universal flow – to your flow, to everyone’s flow, to the flow of the Animals, to the flow of Mother Nature…..we ALL do this – we just need to allow our energies to get to a certain point, a critical mass….

Since my workshop, I have found another teacher. (I personally think it is important for personal growth to have teachers.  Find as many as you want or need to help your growth!)  My new teacher works her particular form of magic through Equine Facilitated Learning.  I wrote about one of her courses with the horses in a previous blog – the one with my trip to Arizona.

Tedd jumping

On top of this, I have elevated my daily horse work. I found a new trainer (for me, not the horses!!!), and I just love working with her.  She is teaching me a form of Natural Horsemanship called Parelli, and I’m LOVING every moment!  I have elevated my participation to twice a week now, and have had the discussion with my husband about expanding that to three days a week.

One day I expect to have my own horses. My journey has been magical so far, and my husband regularly comments on how happy the horses make me.  Each time I work specifically with a horse in a situation where I open myself up to learning – I am never disappointed.  The horses truly have a tremendous capacity to teach humans, and I’m so thankful for the opportunities I’m creating in my life to experience this knowledge!

So, what brings you this kind of joy? Think about it, and rejoice!

Love and whinneys to you!


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