Will you join my herd??…..

Hey guys!

As you all know, I was in Arizona last month at a conference on Equine Facilitated Learning. It was really fantastic!  There were just over 50 people who were all interested in coaching with horses, rescuing horses, interested in the politics of horses and the American Mustang….horse interests of one kind or another…..


We participated in small break-out sessions several times throughout the day. On the morning of my first day, I participated in a break out session with six other participants.  The topic of our experience was “Hive and Herd Dynamics”.  The exercise was that we were to break up into two smaller groups – one would watch while one participated with the horses.  There were four barrels in the middle of a pasture set out like the four corners of a square.  Our goal was to get one of two horses (at liberty – meaning “no leashes”…) to go through the channel created by the four barrels – the kicker is, we had to do this without touching the horses.

The first group of four people started. They tried waving their arms, pressuring the horse with their movements and energy, breaking apart and pressuring the horse with two people on one side, and two on the other side….  They tried for about 40 minutes, but their horse would simply not go through the barrels.

During this time, my two partners and I spent our time grounding ourselves – moving our attention to our first three chakras and grounding our energy. We were taking slow and steady breaths – really slowing ourselves down.  We discussed how we wanted to try to get the horse through the barrels.  We decided on trying a “pull” technique rather than the “push” technique that the other team had tried.WSR.3

When it was our turn we walked together slowly, towards the horses. We chose our horse, and then with light but calm energy we approached the horse.  We took turns greeting him, having him sniff our hands, stroking him on his face and neck and shoulders.  When he sniffed our hands, we moved in closer, and lightly exhaled on his nose.  We took our time doing this – it was really quite joyous.

We continued until we all felt as though the horse had decided to join our herd. I actually FELT this transition, which was really cool.  When the horse had become one of our herd, we turned slowly, and slowly and deliberately walked through the barrels.  The horse followed us with no problem….and…..the other horse followed too!  Apparently she wanted to be part of our herd as well!

This whole process took less than five minutes – it was really an incredible experience!

I learned that there is a lot of strength and greatness in “pull” energy! I’m trying to recall this regularly as I move through my life – less pushing, more moving through life with confident and calm ‘pull’ energy.

Try this in your own life, and let us all know how you like it!

Love and calm energy to you,


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