Equine Energy!!

WSR.3Hi again! As usual, here I am….jotting you a note from one of my monthly psychic fairs!  As usual, I’m soaking in the loving energy from my fellow Light-Workers and all of the attendees, having fun with my psychic friends, hanging out, and offering my help to anyone who decides to stop by!

Our Classroom!


So, in previous blog-posts, I’ve alluded to a new direction for myself…..the Universe is helping me move my thoughts and Energy in new directions… I had a most INCREDIBLE experience along these lines, and I’d love to tell you all about it!

I was able to spend 4 days in Arizona at an Equine Facilitated Learning Conference. What this means is that Equine instructors came together to talk to animal-people of all varieties.

Our Teachers!!


They taught us a lot about how horses can be very powerful teachers for humans.  The conference spanned many sub-topics, but all were about Equine teaching in one form or another.  It was truly a phenominal experience for me – on several levels.


I think the most basic level was that the other attendees all thought Animal Communication was a fantastic thing, and all were interested in hearing about it. (You can read that to mean that most people didn’t think I was nuts…..so that was nice!!)

WSR.1Another way the conference made an impression for me is that I was surrounded by truly incredible, powerful animal loving people. Everyone had a Soul that sang out with beauty, and all were living their lives with purpose.  I was so inspired!

I was inspired by the work with the horses. I learned to communicate even better with horses that I have before  – on a very physical level.  I learned that if you want to hang out with a horse, you really should be spending your day in your first, second, and third chakras!  If you are spending time in numbers 4-7, the horses aren’t really interested in you!!  Ha, ha!  I just loved every moment!

Plus, Mother Earth gave us a big gift – sunny days, cooler temperatures, and really crazy plant-life! I just loved it – such beautiful surroundings!

I left there inspired by the animals, the people, and the beauty of Nature. Honestly – there will be much more to come on this topic…..my interests are expanding, as is my Energy and Intention.  Where will this take me?  I’m SO excited to find out!!!

Thanks for sharing another chapter in my adventure!


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