Upcoming Fun with Facebook!

Hello again!

Last month I had so much fun writing my blog when I was at my local psychic fair, I thought I’d do it again! So, here I am, on January 7th – the beginning of powerful 2018, at the Blue Moon Psychic Fair.

This morning, before the fair, I was walking my two dogs around the 09810008-smallneighborhood….and it is positively balmy outside! It is 45 degrees, but feels much warmer.  The Springtime flowers are already beginning to push through the ground.  The Pacific Northwest is glorious right now, and I’m happy to be alive – so thankful for so much!

I want to tell you about something special this month, but first I want to tell you about my first-of-the-year list making — my intentions for 2018. I sat down on the first day of the New Year and freely associated more than three pages of things I want to accomplish this year.  The ideas just burst from my body!  Of course, the most important things are to be present and alive in my relationships with my family.  That was about one page right there!  Then, seriously non-stop, I had two plus pages of intentions spring out of my mind about my desire to have 2018 be a BIG business-building year.  I thought of a million to-do’s, like rework or finish parts of my website, rework my business cards, yada, yada, yada…..but then I started to get more creative!

(Here’s the fun part!…)

I’ve decided to start a professional facebook page where I highlight one person, their animal, and their lessons each month. I’ll recount our readings, have great photos to go with it, and dive into the lessons that the animals are teaching their human – I figure we can all learn from each other’s lessons, right?!  If you’ve spent any time reading my website, you know that the reason the animals are with us in our lives is to teach us very specific things.  I think it will be fun to learn about the things the animals are teaching, what the lessons look like, and why the lessons are being taught.  And, lucky for us that the people and their animals are willing to share their stories!photo-1-blk-and-white

I’m really excited about this! I think it will be really fun, and for some reason I’m psychically getting that this will be a very COLORFUL endeavor!

So, I hope you want to join me – once a month, for some new animal-story-tid-bits on my facebook page.

When I have it up and running, I’ll let you know and provide a link.

Last month I promised you more information on how I’m seeing my SERVICE grow….but I was just too excited to talk about the stories on facebook! So, stay tuned and soon I’ll dive into how I’m seeing my service to the Universe expand and grow.

As always, thanks for being a part of my story!



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