The Universe gives us what we ask for….if we like it or not: (aka: growing pains of a baby-sized business…)

Today I’m sitting at a psychic fair in my home town. I’m surrounded by like-minded people who are light-workers.  We are all here to give back to the Universe, to help people (and animals), and to be compassionate listeners to those who come in to find an open heart, an open ear, and an open mind.  I love it.

This is one of two psychic fairs I work at each month. This is a HUGE step for me – being open about my psychic abilities, and being available to spread love and compassion through my readings.  Honestly, I never thought I’d be brave enough to sit on this side of the booth.  So this has been big growth for me.

Another area where I’ve been growing is by putting out “my shingle” as an animal communicator and intuitive practitioner. Even better – I’ve been expanding my offering to include psychic readings for humans as well as animals.  This is very exciting for me!

So, the growth is gratifying, and I’m proud of myself for actually being brave.

cat and hand heart

Funny though – the Universe really does respond to what we ask for – if we like it or not! Not too long ago, my baby-sized business was gaining ground, and I was really excited.  Then, I had a week where I had two very challenging and upsetting readings in a row.  Not being used to the ups and downs of psychic work, I reacted to these readings by actually saying out loud – “I don’t even want to look at my phone right now!  I can’t handle another reading!”……and……the Universe responded by cutting my readings off at the knees.  It was an entire month before I had another reading.  Of course, this was a month where I went through all of my emotions – and only part way through the month started working through them so that I could come out on the other side ready to be heathy about how I was looking at my new business.

It was important for me to go through this. It helped me to work through what I am really doing here, what gifts I am bringing to the table, and what I have to offer those that need me.

And fortunately, the Universe has been kind to me now that I’ve worked through my thoughts and fears, and is sending me on my way with a bigger vision of what I want to bring to the table. (Much more on that next month!)

So, to you, my loving friends that are reading my blog – I plan to move forward with writing something new each month. With the hopes of moving that to every other week…..we’ll see!  Slowly but surely my vision of how I can serve is coming into focus!  Thank you for working through it all with me!

With Love,


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