A new realization of Forces inspiring my life…

Over Labor Day weekend, my husband Jon took me on an adventure. We took Friday off of work, and went to the mountains in BC, Canada — and it was INCREDIBLE!  My eyes and Spirit were feasting on the natural and rugged beauty of the mountains and river valleys.  It was just the kind of landscaping that makes my heart sing – the rugged mountains – all different (some covered in trees, and some all rocky and scoured by nature) – all of the mountains dove from the sky, tumbling down into the rushing, dynamic, enormous rivers.  The landscape features were all so close to each other, making the scenery intimate, yet completely vast.  In was awe-inspiring!  It actually sent my Soul to a new place.

My kids…



In this place of wonder, my mind began to naturally drift to my life, and what I am making of it. My mind took me to a new place.  Where it took me is that I was able to clearly see that my life is separated into three distinct areas – all that I cherish, all that I want to grow, and all that I am totally invested in celebrating….which turned out to actually be a bit of a surprise, as I didn’t really know this about myself!

The first place my mind took me to is my FAMILY. I spent some time processing how much my family means to me:  My new husband whom I cherish – I want to spend almost every moment with him – he brings me on adventures that I’ve never even dreamed of and fills me with joy.  My Mother – who is in her end-of-life phase, travelling down the last spiral of existence on this Earth. I want to be there for her whenever she needs me, and give to her whatever I can while I still can.  I want to cherish her until she transforms her energy, and crosses to the Other Side.  And my animals – most definitely a part of my family!  When I think of my animals, I think of all of my animals – past – present – and future…..and I cherish them all!  It was so eye-opening to see this unit as a whole, and realize how important my family is to me, emotionally and spiritually.

The second place my mind took me to was actually my day-job! Now, I was completely surprised by this!  I am a middle-manager for a larger company, and have six direct reports – all with incredibly vibrant and unusual personalities.  I have been troubled by this before….but last weekend I saw this part of my life in a whole new light.  I realized that every time I communicate with one of these people, trying to help them solve a problem, or helping them overcome any number of hurdles, I grow – and I can FEEL myself grow!  It is really quite exciting, and I’m incredibly thrilled to realize that I actually do enjoy this part of my life!!

Kemper smiling!


The third place my mind took me to, discovering the driving forces of my life, is my Spirituality. I’m enthralled in my personal growth here.  Every day I open up more to my Intuition, I open up more to my natural Empathy, I open up to the Universal Flow of Energy.  I notice more colors, more shapes, more gifts of the Universe!  I’m having tons of fun using my Intuitive gifts to try to SERVE and to help people and animals, and this joy transports me.


All this to say – I’m happier than I realized! My Soul was able to go to a place where I could chew on some thoughts for the full long-weekend, and I am so inspired to realize many gifts that I have already that I didn’t give credit, and I also realized some responsibilities that have been gaining importance to me – like being there for my Mom.

I feel so full, so thankful for the growth, and so grateful to be able to share my thoughts with you! Thank you for participating in my life!

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