Wet Nose Wisdom (my blog!)

I’m finally doing it! I’m coming out of the “Animal Communication closet”!

Just today I sent my family an email about my life and its associated changes…..and I’m following up with this – my first Blog Post…

So far I have never written a blog, or even written anything personal about me… And today this changes…  I’m finally coming clean – and letting you all know about something I’ve been working towards for years.

You may know (although, it is surprising how many of you don’t know this about me)…I’ve been taking Animal Communication classes for years. What I mean by this is Telepathic Communication with Animals – talking to both past and present animals, wild and domesticated animals.

I took my first Animal Communication class about 15 years ago, enjoyed it, and did nothing with it. About 4-5 years ago, I joined a new teacher’s program with the hopes of learning how to really communicate with animals.  And I did.  I learned things like “the dog likes lying in the grass – the horse likes red apples better than yellow apples – the cat likes the sunny perch you’ve provided – the dog likes running in the ocean water….”

I continued learning. I have now at the ability where I can talk to animals at deeper levels.  First, I am able to have a 3-D / physical world conversation with an animal.  This is where we talk about health concerns, likes and dislikes, training issues, and whatnot.  I am also able to talk to the animals at a soul-level.  This entails conversations that are more along the lines of discussing why the animal is in a person’s life, what lessons they are teaching their human, and how this teaching manifests in the physical world.

I’m having fun.   And I’m taking this to the next level.

I’ve created a website. It was really fun trying to pull my thoughts together to put them in one place.  It is definitely still a work in progress, but has been effective.  I’ve had clients find me and sign up for readings, which has been great.

Here’s the link: https://janineoatesalmquist.com/. I’d love it if you checked it out!!

I’m having fun slowly growing this business. It is slow going right now, but the prospects are really fun!  I expect that things will expand organically.  I’m participating in local psychic fairs, and hope to venture into teaching and writing as the Energy moves forward.

Speaking of Energy – the reason I’m writing this note is that it is high time for me to come clean – for me to move forward with new dreams and be true to my vision, I need to be honest.

I hope you have a moment to check out my website. It was a ton of fun pulling it together.

Wish me good luck with my adventure, and thanks for your support! — Janine

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